This is our list of adult oriented sites that we think you might enjoy and maybe make them a visit. ;)

Porn gifs sites and Tumblrs

The Gifer

This was the site — and the next one of this list — that inspired me to make porn gifs. This guy’s gifs were (and still are) so good I figured out I wanted to make gifs too.


This gifer is my other source of inspiration. Analysing his gifs I concluded I should priorise quality over anything else.

KinkyMarieHer Tumblr | Her site

This Canadian girl is one of the best gifers of the bright side of the internet.

pr0ncaveInterracial gifs | Lesbians Gifs | Porn Gifs

Like all Tumblr blogs of this list, pr0ncave is awesome, and by awesome I mean epically awesome! Seriously, his gifs are the shit!

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