This website went live in 2014, but since 2012 we exist. We were a Tumblr gif blog and we love to creat porn gifs for Tumblr, but after an account termination (we had 150K followers!!!), we migrated to our own domain domain and server.

Up until 2016 we were publishing porn gifs almost every day, but after getting our gifs scraped and stolen over and over again, we decided creating gifs didn’t worth our time. They would be stolen and no one would pay us anything, or credit us and even say a simple thanks (Twitter and Tumblr users, site owners, not single one of them ever recognized our hard work with a thank you, a link, a mention or anything worthwhile).

From 2016 up to this moment, we are know focusing in posting video trailer. It’s not ideal, but at least we can keep posting awesome XXX content without worrying about scraper or copyright takedowns.

That’s our history and why we stopped creating gifs and why we post porn trailers.